• Is This Not Continued WAR?

    Is This Not Apartheid?

  • A Reply to Ass. Press Whining

    A Reply to Ass. Press Whining


    1) Yes News is blocked and this began with the embedded journalists under the frightful GHW Bush regime. GHW Bush kept out journalists from his Panama Invasion atrocity. Then he created embeds which go only where told and feel they on the one side of a war rather than reporting on two sides at the very least. In the War Crime of the 8 day Fallugah assault the embeds were to to go and to stay in their hotels!
    --In this case your attack is upon Obama when it should be and have been an attack upon GHW Bush.

    2) As if changing policies such as this is unusual for any US government. Not saying it's right but suggesting you should have been nailing other presidents and state officials on this for years now past.

    3) Nothing has changed the 'proved innocent' still rot in the depths of American ignorance. Is the press pushing or is it just passing the blame and not doing its job? Or, does Guantanamo Bay not sell enough papers for the corporate press?

    4) "Information about Guantanamo that was routinely released under President George W. Bush is now kept secret." GW Bush passed out a series of very damning lies as to what was going on in Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre (USA). Torture is still going on though GW Bush is still not being found guilty for it's being used nor for it continuing when said to have been stopped. Yes, Obama id wrong but the press seems lazy!

    5) Then why are you not reporting this and making the reporter him/herself an anonymous journalist? Have some guts out there or get out of the business. Threat of firing! Report it fully!

    6) Again report in detail the time delays and the blocking. Don't just sit back and whine. I can't believe either of the Bushes were better with the amount of crap they got away with virtually ignored by the press.

    7) If its a tip-off service report every instance of its illegal use upon reporters and citizens alike.

    8) Then, lets see the reporting of these issues. Once again I can not see this being anything new!

    Come On News People - Do Your Jobs



  • CIA Still In Chile?

    CIA Still In Chile?    Sept 18, 2014 RC  

    Chile CIA

    It's been some years, some decades since the devastation of Chile by the USA, the CIA and the Government working closely yet the CIA is still in denial though investigations have proved the heavy hand of the USA via the CIA and the destruction of the democratic Allende government the refused to act in the best interests of the US but rather in the best interests of Chile and Chileans.

    I've written about this and you can find these efforts under the search term Chile.  A lot has been exposed of this vile tragedy in Chile cause by Nixon and Kissinger dirty plotting.

    Today guestions still arise on how infected is Chile still with the CIA and whether continuing actions of violence are in fact more CIA covert activites and how deep has the CIA dug into today's workings of Chile's government bodies and into the terror activities.  These are valid questions because the CIA has a hideous reputation throughtout Central and South America.

    The latest known big operation was the kidnapping of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  Hugo, thankfully was rescued by his own people and no assets nor agents of the CIA have been brought to justice and taken to court for their horrendous crimes.

    We know the Central and South America are thoroughly infiltraded by the CIA, many of which are secretly 'giving a hand' inside NGO's out of the US and/or other countries NGO's.  NGO's are an easy ticket for CIA assets and/or agents to get into a target nation.  As far as that goes I can't think of any nation not being a target of the US even as our Harper (PM Canada) vaults to the head of the group in love with the USA.

    The Ass. Press is reporting that Chile has had a lot of violence in the past few years and, it is my concern, that this all links back to CIA manipulation just as it has been in so many years past.  In the past many, many thousands of Chileans were caused to die or to be dissappeared because of the US creating the 1973 coup and supporting the ravaging dictatorship of the General Pinochet tiranny.

    Is the CIA/USA still causing Chileans to suffer because of US interests?  How much does the economy of the USA flourish because of its interference of huge scale in other countries?  How much do the upset of other countries translate into the vast arms trade by the USA killing machine?

    Considering the amount of money and effort the USA deploys to castrate other countries then rape them of their wealth the profits must be huge.


    Corbett Report  

    "In the current instance, whistleblowers and journalists in Latin America have recently uncovered a scandal of immense proportions, one involving the CIA and the DEA in drug smuggling operations in Chile that are being used to fund political opposition groups in Ecuador. In effect, Iran-Contra part two is unfolding right now, and few have even heard about it.

    The scandal was brought to public attention last November, when Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced the details of the operation on national television, but the scandal first began to emerge in February 2012, when Italian police opened the Ecuadorian government's diplomatic mail on arrival in Rome and discovered nearly 40 kilos of cocaine. According to journalists investigating the scandal, the drugs were placed there by people connected with the Chilean embassy."

    Though the US government likes to play games of denial the proof is in the pudding of President Nixin and of his adviser the very corrupted Kissinger who's games have been the weapons that have murdered many, many thousands of innocent people.  It's not secret!  The US braggs about this.

    Under Kissingers advice President Nixon promoted unrest with a gift of $10,000,000 to go directly at pso-ops ie: massive propaganda ie: feeding the citizens of Chile lies to cause unrest.

    Covert US operations in Chile to instigate the coup in 1970 and aimed at undermining Allende were all explicitly approved by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger.  (ie: 1970 was the beginning of the CIA actions. This was no quick event as was the CIA/USA coup of a democrativ Iran in 1953)



    "The coup it sought to instigate in 1970, and the covert operations aimed at undermining Allende, the report states, were all explicitly approved by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger, his national security advisor, both of whom feared "the emergence of 'another Cuba' in the Western Hemisphere."

    This is always the fear.  However, the truth is that American Interests were the Big Deal as they are in our poor world today.  The 'commie plot' was an excuse easily beguiling the ordinary citizen of the USA.  McCarthyism never died and it sits inside the American publuc like a rancid ball in their guts

    "After Pinochet came to power, senior policymakers appeared reluctant to criticize human rights violations, taking to task US diplomats urging greater attention to the problem. US military assistance and sales grew significantly during the years of greatest human rights abuses.

    "Seemed Reluctant" is a quaint little term.  The USA did not do a damned thing except to sell more and more weapons to Pinochet's Chile. "Kissinger advised some progress on human rights in order to improve Chile's image in the US Congress."WP  Yeah, make Congress feel good.  Not a touch of morality exudeds from this man.


    This is just a short report using a number of sources.  A lot is still going on with the CIA and the phony DEA throught these areas as well as around our world.  Remember you are a target of American manipulation.  To believe you're not is just a silly escape from the truth.

    The Middle East has been ravaged and twisted by the USA and by the covert actions by the CIA even more hidden as time goes on.  The Middle East/North Afric covert operations began in 1953 with the coup of a democratic Iran; in 1958 with the recruitment of Saddam Hussein as a CIA asset and a long, long story here leading too the destruction f Iran leading up to the third event as we speak.


    WP: Washington Post




  • Palestinian Kids

  • Truth About Palestine

  • Zionism: Becoming Extreme In the USA

    Zionism: Becoming Extreme In the USA

    I wasn't much interested in Zionism for a long time.  Didn't much care really as I thought of it basically as a lobby group.  Not too important.  Then I began to understand lobby groups a bit better and was treated like crap by a non-Jewish Zionist for my views on Israel - the continuous land stealing, the harassment of the Palestinians, the attitude of the Chosen People and the Apatheid State in the West Bank controlled by Israel and Gaza set up to be a virtual prison and blockaded bu the IDF and at the Siani by Egypt.

    I wasn't much interested in Zionism for a long time.  Didn't much care really as I thought of it basically as a lobby group.  Not too important.  Then I began to understand lobby groups a bit better and was treated like crap by a non-Jewish Zionist for my views on Israel - the continuous land stealing, the harassment of the Palestinians, the attitude of the Chosen People and the Apartheid State in the West Bank controlled by Israel and Gaza set up to be a virtual prison and blockaded by the IDF and at the Sinai by Egypt.


    Now I find out that there is something called the Amcha Initiative which is an organization of the Zionists that spies on and harasses students and faculty and is moving up the scale to identify those of the faculty who have not treated the Israel questions sufficiently well.


    In this vein they are creating a list targeting so-called anti-Israel professors that make mention of some of Israel's failings.  This, at the bottom line, is impaling the right to free speech and free though upon a spike of hate by these Zionist activists.


    This activist Zionist movement banning over 200 professors who consider themselves Middle East scholars who have called for an academic boycott in a petition which was circulated.  Pretty much the Zionists want to create an education system that is pro-Israel no matter what.  Any hint of nay-saying regarding Israel or Zionism is a no-no. Something like my Grade 10 history of the USA I studied here in Canada.


    Just recently at the University of Illinois school officials were asked about the complicity between an Israeli donor and the firing of Steven Salaita in a room packed with professors and students backing him and as led by James Montgomery.  The faculty was extreme as it evaded questions which had to be repeated several times in some cases before the obvious root of the question was gleaned by those questioned.  Sounds very much like the US state department.


    A selection of videos can be found at: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/watch-univ-illinois-top-officials-challenged-pro-israel-donors-role-salaita#comments


    This is not the only case of negative hits upon people not being as much pro-Israel as is wanted by these staunchly pro-Israel activists.  Zionists tried to close down a Palestinian solidarity group at Temple University in Philadelphia as they accused the group of being anti-Semites.  It is clear that ultra-pro-Israel groups are creating more and more volcanic anti-Israel / anti-Jewish attitudes with each blind insult they extend to other groups favouring the Apartheid state of Israel to stop is coercive attacks upon the Peoples of Palestine.


    Though pro-Palestinian groups are quiet information groups for the most part the Zionist get very ugly in their rhetoric, insulting, racist and scary to some as they indulge in the first level of fear-mongering.  Of course this is much more in your face in the areas of Palestine where these types of groups are manically poisonous in their approach.  They can be, of course, as the IDF ignores them with a passion.  If you're Palestinian and you lose your cool they will arrest you.


    Is this what's coming to America these days?  Is this what is becoming acceptable?  There are many questions and I will be looking to join a pro-Palestinian group in my city soon.





  • Highway of Death

    Highway of Death

    The above is a video of a hideous, immoral war crime by the USA and General Schwartzkopf. A huge convoy of retreating Iraqis are caught by the US flooding down the route home. They are stopped at both ends and given no chance to surrender.

    The who line of vehicles is continually strafed by American fighters. Most are only charred bodies when Schwartzkopf is finished.

    "No attempt was made by U.S. military command to distinguish between military personnel and civilians on the "highway of death”. The whole intent of international law with regard to war is to prevent just this sort of indiscriminate and excessive use of force."

    Though the US 'uses' the International Criminal Court' it has withdrawn after this terrible, hideous war crime. This means they're not prosecutable for their varied wars crimes. The withdrawal, though, makes it obvious they are guilty.

    Could Iran just simply withdraw from the Nuclear Weapons Agreement. Not on your life would the the US allow that! No, Iran could never play the great pretend game that Israel does with its some 800+ nuclear bombs that, officially, do not exist.

    No the great rogue power, the USA, allows and does not allow as it sees fit and according to American interests. And the puppy dogs of the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France just kiss the big dogs arse, have a good long sniff and carry on backing the big tough dog!

    Yeah, it's sick. It's like a gang with a powerful leader controlling the weak dogs at every move. And, the USA doesn't even follow its own damned rules. If they don't fit with what they want the rules are ignored.

    At the present time the US is in default for having not destroyed its chemical weapons of which tons still exist in Kentucky and in Colorado. All other countries signatory to the treaty (ie: LAW) have obliged. Israel, of course, has opted not to join this treaty either and has tons of chemical weapons ready to load on their war planes at a moments notice.

    So Israel, complaining about everyone else does just as it damn well pleases. What a phony world we live in with the likes of Israel and the USA who flaunt their ability to ignore law at every chance. Both Israelis and Americans can go back in history to see a huge amount of horror coming from them.

    With Israel it is the Zionist beginnings in the early 1900's when the Zionists began their vile trickery of stealing land and booting out the owners in about 1917. Then working up to 1947-8 to herd about 750,000 Palestinians into the Gaza Strip.

    Miko Peled makes the clear statement that new Zionists moved into the abandoned homes so quickly that the coffee was still warm upon the table in some cases.

    This has all led up toward modern times where a big strong ass-hole of a country can get away with a virtual dictatorship in our world with horrors of as exhibited by the USA in just so many areas with its war crimes and its illegal covert invasions.

    No, we're pretty much a huge dictatorship in today's world with the USA ruling the roost. And, like a true dictator not having to follow any rules. It just opts out and continues on. Somehow I doubt they'll get rid of their chemical weapons. Once everyone else has they will opt out and only the USA and Israel will have those weapons.

    Yes, it's criminal.


  • Who's Harassing Whom?

    Harassing Christians

  • REPLY TO Tablet Magazine

    REPLY TO Tablet Magazine

    Daniel Winter · Top Commenter
    It isn't that they aren't looking. It's that, to them, everything is Israel's fault. Hamas uses human shields? Israel's fault. PLO kills Olympic athletes in Munich? Israel's fault. Earthquake in Iran? Israel's fault. Holocaust? Israel's fault. Well. Jews. It's gotta be the Jews.


    This is a big problem with Israelis.  Always, always thinking they're being blamed.
    * Hamas has not used Human shields. No proof at all.

    *  In the Munich murders I was very pro-Israel.  And no, I don't blame Israelis.

    *  Earthquake in Iran?  Run out of ordinary exageration?

    *  Holocaust.  Come on idiot.

    The trouble is that Israel is becoming a very closed society that thinks in a very paranoid manner and uses this paranoid thought to feel collectively abused by a outside world.  Further this leads to Israelis excusing their own crimes.  There would be no Israel if not for outside help.  Israel would not be so large if it weren't for the theft of land and the flood of money.

    Israel has become a very bad country in it killing, its land theft and its MOSSAD assassinations not to mention a whole lot of lies.

    And yes, the Israelis are blindly killing so many in the Gaza Strip prison.

    As formulated in Additional Protocol I of 1977 any attack causing incidental civilian death of civilians is prohibited.  This also include civilian objects (homes,mosques,churches,synagogues) with relation to the military need.  This means you cannot go blunderbussing through everything, everywhere.

    It is cruely obvious that Israel broke, at least this one criteria of the ICC and many others.  It also means that the Drone strikes by the US are illegal.  It also means that in the two Wars upon Iraq the USA was guilty of quite a few war crimes.

    The trouble becomes that the loser in a war has not the ability to take these crimes on to the ICC.  This used to be true of Plalestine but not thrue since they've finally got minimal regognition in the UN.  Now, Hamas has to figure out how to properly take this to the ICC.







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