6,700 tons of Depleted Uranium Radioactive and toxic material has been shipped from Kuwait to Idaho.  This huge cleanup is very rarely talked about.  But Iraq remains full of much, much more DU because of the USA's and the UK's continued use of weapons made fron nuclear waste.  Yes, Depleted Uranium, DU, or U-238 is leftover waste from the enfichment process of Uranium for use in nuclear reactors.

In 1991 the USA sent its war machine to repell the Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.  Saddam Hussein had decided to invade Kuwait after his complaints of horizontal drilling, of oil companies in Kuwait, into Iraq's oil fields.  They were stealing Iraq's oil.

Saddam had complained to the world community about this illegal activitey and he was basically ignored.  President George Bush had then told Saddam to look after his own problems.  Saddam took this as a green light signal so he invaded Kuwait, who had refused to take action upon this illegal drilling, Iraq's goal was to shut down the errant oil drillers to protect Iraq's oil.

Of course, being the man he is, Gearge Bush was actually setting up a war with Iraq.

The USA then sent its mighty war machine to Kuwait and set up Camp Doha.  They also set up a huge weapons depot that, through carelessnes, caught fire and blew up tremebously leaving an environmental catastrophie from the depleted uranium.

Kuwait later required the United States to remove the contamimation.  To this date over 6,700 tons of contaminated soil, sand and other contaminated material was dug up and shipped back to the states and buried by American Ecology at Boise, Idaho.

However, American Ecology had no idea on how to properly treat this type of contamination having not been aprised of the US Army regulations.  It is important to note how secretive the USA has been about their Depleted Uranium that they didn't even properly advise American Ecology about the dangers of this waste nor did the army check to see if American Ecology was up to the task of creating a safe storage of this dangerous material.  Subsequently people are now at risk all along the trail of this contaminated waste from the source in Kuwait, through its travels across the ocean, its unloading in Washington State, its travel by rail to Idaho and the improper containment in Idaho.

But this is not the big problem.  Basically this is Americans doing damage to themselves and as an internal problem in the USA it's just a reference for a much bigger problem in other countries where Depleted Uranium has been used extensively for war.  The Americans can look after this problem at home as they please just as long as they don't contaminate international rivers and watersheds.

The Americans have been selling Depleted Uranium weapons to Israel  and Israel is using these warheads, over 100 of them last count, against Lebanese targets.  Israel's tank gunners are also using Depleted Uranium  rounds.  This means that now we have three joined-at-the-hip nations using illegal U-238 ammunition - the British, the Americans and the Israelis.  However, true to form the US Army, the US Department of Energy, the US Department of Defense and the British Ministry of Defence officially deny that there are health and/or ecological problems with Depleted Uranium being manufactured and used such as they are.  It's just devastating how these people can lie.

American and British officials refuse to comply with their own regulations as the numbers march upwards to the thousands of people being slowly murdered by their refusal to not take the truth in hand and using it in a rightful manner.  People, having been exposed to dangerous amounts of Depleted Uranium are being denied their helth care.  But more importantly all the ordinary people of Iraq are contunuing to be affected by the dangerous radiation and toxicity of the cruel and illegal weapon of war.  Will these war criminals ever be taken to task.  These people go back as far as George Bush Senior, General Schwartzkoff, GW Bush, Condoleessa Rice, Colonel Powel and today Barrak Obama and Hilary Clinton.  These are but a few who have committed war crimes through their use and promotion of U-238 which is a nuclear waste and a deadly contaminent.

The science is there; the science is being ignored.
FOIA Document shows Navy has been aware problems associated with DU since 14 May 1984

This MSDS sheet (shown with 3 photos of documents) was released from the Department of the Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana, on 22 May 03 in response to a 2 April 03 Freedom of Information Act request by Glen Milner. The Material Safety Data Sheet, dated 14 May 1984, shows the Navy has been aware of many of the problems associated with depleted uranium since that time.

Glen Milner worked with other to expose that the US Navy has been firing 'deplted' uranium off the coast of Washington State. Sunny Miller interviewed Glen Milner on October 6, 2003. HEAR AUDIO (mp3) - 28 minutes. Glen's email is info@gzcenter.org and works with Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action. See interview summary.

See the documents he received via a Freedom of Information Act request below. For example, on page 3 of 3:

"8. Should DU be handled in powdered form [DU munitions create a fine powder when fired due to their pyrophoric nature] or should a DU penetrator oxidize resulting from a penetrator's involvement in an accident such as a fire, then the intake of DU aerosol or ash via inhalation, ingestion or absorption pesents an interna. adiatin hazard.

9. Depending on the solubility of the particular DU compound in body fluids, it may also be toxic, particular to the kidney."

Uranium Depleted, Alloy,  **, Blets and Tubular Shapes

*8. Should DU be handled in a powerdered form or should a DU penetrator oxidize resulting from a penetrator's involvement in an accident such as fire, then the intake of DU aerosol or ash via inhilation, ingestion or absorption presents an internal radiation hazard.