War Crimes Within War Crimes

In the Holy City of Fallugah, in the Fallugah General Hospital, in September 2009 there were 170 new born babies.  25% of these babies babies were dead within seven days.  75% of these dead babies were deformed.

Years earlier in August 2002 there were 530 new born babies at this hospital and 6 were dead within 7 days and with only 1 reported birth defect.

Not only are there are huge proportion of babies deaths since 2002 and a huge number of birth defects there are huge increases of problems with the health of children surviving birth and being born without obvious birth defects.

We do know the culprit in this devastation in war torn Iraq.  It is, beyond doubt, attributable to the massive use of Depleted Uranium weapons mostly being used by the United States of America.

These are the countries today that include, in their arsenals,  Depleted Uranium or U-238 which is a radioactive waste from the enrichment of Uranium for use in reactors.      * UK* US* France* Russia* China* Greece* Turkey* Thailand* Taiwan* Israel* Bahrain* Egypt* Kuwait* Saudi Arabia* India* Belarus* Pakistan* Oman.

Where are the following countries getting their enriched Uranium waste, Depleted Uranium weapons from? -- Greece* Turkey* Thailand* Taiwan* Israel* Bahrain* Egypt* Kuwait* Saudi Arabia* India* Belarus* Oman.  These countries do not enrich Uranium.

Most of these countries bought these war-criminal type weapons from the USA.

It does seem that the USA, Britain and Israel are not worried about Iran becoming armed with nuclear weapons.  Rather they are afraid of Iran becoming armed with Depleted Uranium weapons.

The use of U-238 (DU, Depleted Uranium) munitions and armour is neither controversial it is a crime against humanity.  U-238 enters the body through body cavities or through the skin.  Because U-238 incandesces when fired, hitting a target or being hit by a shell or bullet its resultant residue has a consistency of talcum powder and easily puffs into the air when disturbed by people, animals , wind or water.

These are some of the results of ingestion of U-238.  There are two major problems with U-238 and the most obvious one is its radio-activity.  U-238 isn't very radio-active so sleeping in a warehouse of DU munitions isn't going to give you radiation poisoning.  However, the light powdered easily puffs into the air and is then ingested.  Then it collects in various parts of the body.

Also, it is a Uranium isotope and, therefore very toxic. 

U-238 will affect the functioning of the kidneys, brain, heart, liver as well as other functions and it does cause horrendous birth defects.  The half-life of U-238 is 4.5 billion years.  The aerosol particles do contaminate huge areas and they have been detected in Europe on the winds flowing across Iraq.  Many thousands of tons of U-238 has been used in Iraq by the USA and many tons by the UK.

Studies are showing that leukemia, genetic disruptions, neurological disorders and cancers can be attributable to the effects of exposure to U-238.  The longer the exposure the worse the effects so soldiers in the War Against Iraq will not suffer the same exposures as those whose life is in Iraq.  Some soldiers and other American workers in Iraq have had debilitating effects brought on by exposure to spent U-238 dust, some have rare cancers and some of their children have birth defects attributable to poisoning with U-238.  For one who lives in Iraq you will undoubtedly have the effects of U-238 one way or the other in the years to come.

"The World Health Organization, the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations which is responsible for setting health research norms and standards, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends, states that no risk of reproductive, developmental, or carcinogenic effects have been reported in humans due to DU exposure."  This is totally false!

The estimated U-238 stocks in our world are 1,188,273 tonnes as reported in 2002.  The United States reported 480 thousand tonnes (2002), Russia reported 460 thousand tonnes (1996), France reported 190 thousand tonnes (2001), United Kingdom reported 30 thousand tonnes (2001), URENCO (Germany, Netherlands,UK) reported 16 thousand tonnes (1999), Japan reported 10 thousand tonnes (2001), China reported 2 thousand tonnes (2000), South Korea reported 200 tonnes (2002), South Africa reported 73 tonnes (2001).

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), in 1996, in its opinion of nuclear weapons watered out its opinion upon substances such as U-238 by saying, "The terms have been understood, in the practice of States, in their ordinary sense as covering weapons whose prime, or even exclusive, effect is to poison or asphyxiate,"  .

However,  the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, passed two motions.  First they listed weapons of mass destruction or weapons of indiscriminate effect or of a nature to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering and urged all states to curb production and the spread of such weapons.  U-238 was expressly identified in this list.  Obviously this opinion had little or no affect upon the United States which continues to produce U-238 weapons and also to sell or, otherwise, equip other nations with U-238 weapons of indiscriminate effect.

In 2001, Carla Del Ponte, then the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, said that NATO's use of depleted uranium in former Yugoslavia could be investigated as a possible war crime. The finding was, "There is no specific treaty ban on the use of DU projectiles. There is a developing scientific debate and concern expressed regarding the impact of the use of such projectiles and it is possible that, in future, there will be a consensus view in international legal circles that use of such projectiles violate general principles of the law applicable to use of weapons in armed conflict. No such consensus exists at present."  So millions are put at risk as the USA, particularly, has decided to ignore human rights.

France and Britain have stood apart in the EU and have constantly rejected the ban upon U-238 weapons.  I suppose if one cares little outside of their own country, and one cares little about the incredible savagery of using such weapons one can, then, live without nightmares of the type the people of Iraq have to live on a daily basis.

Though it's been claimed otherwise, U-238 (Depleted Uranium) has and is being used in air strikes in Libya.  Since, these weapons are indiscriminate, the west is attacking civilians with each U-238 weapon being used.  This humanitarian agenda has been proved a complete farce and war crimes are being committed every day and every time a U-238 weapon is being used.

As the USA continues its unabated use of DU the battlefields of Libya will become wastelands that will continue to kill up to 4.5 billion years.

"We are there to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas"
– William Hague
We can see now that that is just one more lie.

"Depleted uranium tipped missiles fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way… I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people."
– Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd), Lawrence Livermore Lab, California, USA

"I was watching ABC News last night and, lo and behold, there was a DU impact. It burned and burned and burned."
- Doug Rokke, ex-director of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project commenting on Libya attack.

Let's talk for a moment about the rage upon Libya as it continues well beyond the No Fly Zone and the "All necessary measures" of the UN Resolution 1973.  In the first 24 hours US B-2s dropped 45 2000 pound bombs upon Libya.  Its quite beyond ridiculous that this would be deemed necessary, especially within the first 24 hours.  I see no intention of following the UN Resolution and, therefore, we are in the midst of another criminal war.

It befuddles the mind how we, who do not use U-238 weapons, aren't up in arms about its use by other countries. I think Canada and the other minions to USA are as much at fault for the genocide in Iraq and the crimes against humanity because we do not protest its use and we don't pull our military out of situations where U-238 is being used.

I condemn the government of Canada for not being openly hostile toward the USA and Britain most especially noted heavy users of Depleted Uranium.

Of course NATO (USA) claims that U-238 is not being used in Libya this would be quite an about face by the Pentagon and would show that they do understand the effects of U-238.  But, we must also understand that the Pentagon is a great liar and, given a choice between truth and lies, they generally lie.

There are early indicators of the use of U-238 weapons are being used in Libya.  Some tank damage is indicative of a U-238 shell hit.  If we do to Libya as we have done with Iraq we will see another area suffering mutations, leukemias and cancers up and above those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear bombs were dropped during the ending of the second world war.

In 1980 the US Navy created a report, that has been largely ignored pointed out some of the dangerous of the Use of Depleted Uranium.  Puerto Rico is claiming that the abnormally high rate of cancers and other serious illnesses on the island of Vieques  can be blamed upon the USA use of U-238 weapons on their rented practice range nearby.  It is claimed that U-238 weapons have been used for over a decade as of 2001 but the Navy claims they were only used in February 1999.  Gee, I wonder who to believe!

The Navy further makes claim that U-238 shells were used by mistake  and that they tried to recover the 'radioactive shell casings afterward.  Now they're saying that the casings don't pose a threat and that U-238 is a natural material anyway.  "Stories of cancers and illness are just part of a campaign of misinformation by those opposed to our presence on the island," said U.S. Navy Commander John Carrera.   I fear that a lot of natural materials are dangerous.  Molten lava, carbon dioxide in concentrations will suffocate you, arsenic  and a litany of others.  U-238, though, doesn't occur naturally as it is a nuclear waste product of Uranium that has been enriched.  Enriched means nothing more then being more concentrated through the extraction of U-238.  The USA loves to play word games in much the same manner kids do when trying to keep out of trouble when they know they've done wrong.

For clarity Depleted Uranium or U-238 only occurs as nuclear waste.  It is not naturally occurring!

As I've pointed out before the powder U-238 is the biggest problem.  However, radioactive casing do deteriorate in weather conditions and this nuclear waste gradually permeates the area it is left in.  It is not safe but not so acute as the powdered U-238.

Natural occurrences of radioactive elements are no safe either.  Madame Cury died of radioactive poisoning following her discovery of Radium and the consequential handling of it.  Radon gas that emanates fron the earth to varying degrees around our planet becomes a carcinogen when it becomes concentrated in buildings.  People are being murdered through the continued use of U-238.

Of Interest
The US has refused to rule out the use of DU shells in Libya, though it claims not to have fired any so far.  "I don't want to speculate on what may or may not be used in the future,” the US air force spokeswoman, Paula Kurtz, said yesterday.

The US admitted using A-10 tankbuster aircraft designed to destroy armoured cars and tanks, and which are capable of firing 3,900 armour-piercing DU-tipped shells per minute.
Kurtz insisted that the A-10s had not been loaded with DU ammunition. "Weapons with depleted uranium have not been used in Libya,” she said.

"But critics say that the US has sometimes been economical with the truth about the use of DU weapons. "We continue to seek a cast-iron guarantee that depleted uranium has not been used and will not be used in Libya,” said Kate Hudson, the general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. "The US has a long history of only admitting to deploying this radioactive material months or years after it has been used.”"

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* Read up further on the issues. There are many resources and links on the CADU and ICBUW websites.
* In the UK, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, and the Royal Bank of Scotland all fund companies which manufacture DU. If you bank with them or a subsidiary, close your account and let them know why.
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