So Mursi, duly elected remains in jail and with no opportunity to speak as Mubarak, the USA backed dictator now deposed will be leaving jail.

"Mubarak, 85, was sentenced to life in prison last year for failing to prevent the killing of demonstrators. But a court accepted his appeal earlier this year and ordered a retrial."

These changes put a whole new light upon the vicious military coup of President Mursi and the Moslem Brotherhood party that won majority in the Egyptian democratic elections.  Whether Mubarak can rule at his ripe age of 85, of course is in doupt.  However, the strategies that have followed, beginning with the coup and arrest and hiding away in prison of President Mursi, lead to a much bigger degree of wrongful interference with democracy then was previously obvious.

Yes, it has become obvious, at this stage, the the Egyptian military had much more in mind than just the coup against President Mursi.  The purge now is notably tracking down those elected to office under the Moslem Brotherhood banner and they are being tossed in prison by the Military Regime.

Events now are becoming more and more obvious that this coup was designed by the military and the suspicions, of course, are that outside forces have been evident in the crushing of the Egyptian democracy if favour of the Egyptian military (of which many seem to be rich beyond their means), in favour of Israel and in favour of the United States that crushes governments like flies whether democratic or not.  As long as it suits the USA.

The USA and the EU are both telling us they are reviewing their aid to Egypt.  I suppose we'll have to guess in which direction depending upon the turn of events in this huge tragedy for Egypt.  Much of the USA is military, of course.  And these military 'aid packages' are really just huge subsidies for the weapons manufacturers in the USA.  A lot of USA aid means subsidizing American products.

The aid from the USA $1.23 billion in US military assistance and $241 million in economic aid to Egypt.  The military aid will not stop, of course, and arrangements have obviously been made early on with Saudi Arabia to be seen to (at least) provide the aid instead.  Sort of a Three Card Monty here.